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5 fun things to do in Copenhagen

Fiona Fawcett

I've just got home from a lovely long Danish weekend away with the girls, so I thought I'd share 5 fun things to do in Copenhagen with you, just incase you are planning a trip!

colourful houses copenhagen
easyjet manchester to copenhagen

Copenhagen has a beautifully clean feel and is cram packed with a mix of classic Danish architecture and minimalistic design. We booked in an ace Airbnb apartment in the Frederiksberg area of the city, completely cladded with gorgeous vintage/retro pieces - you can check it out here { although the images don't really do it any justice! }

airbnb frederiksberg copenhagen

5 fun things to do in Copenhagen - 

1. Hire bicycles!

we hired six rickety and quite rusty bicycles to get us around the city! it was so much fun and made it much easier to travel from place to place. there are separate cycle paths next to each of the roads which makes it safer if you're not usually a fan of bikes! 

hire bicycles in copenhagen
vision dome copenhagen

2. Assistens cemetery

the assistens cemetery was founded in 1760 and makes a beautiful place to visit. you can wander or cycle around the different parts to visit hans christian andersen amongst other famous gravestones. the cemetery is in the Nørrebro area of the city.

hans christian andersen gravestone
assistens cemetery

3. Hay Design

i loved visiting the hay house store, full of gorgeous danish design; interiors and my love - stationery! it would have been so easy for me to spend hours here. hays ambition is to put danish design on the map and it sure is doing so!

hay design store copenhagen

4. Christiansborg

christiansborg has a hippie community created within an abandoned army base. they have created an eerie area to live and most make a living from here too! although it's a touristy area they ask you not to photograph when you are walking through, but it is definitely worth a visit!

5. Colourful Houses

whenever I've thought of copenhagen in the past i've always thought of the beautiful colourful architecture! the colourful houses are located in nyhavn -  a stones throw from the main shopping area of the city, lining the canal and surrounded by restaurants. we cycled here, chained up our bikes, wandered and had lunch at 42raw. i noticed that the canals are very shallow and very clean - if you enjoy boats i'm sure a boat trip around the canals would be a great way to explore too!

colourful houses nyhavn copenhagen

if you have any foodie { veggie } tips on where to eat in the city that would be great, i'm sure i'll be planning another trip soon!