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Top 5 wedding DIY tips

Fiona Fawcett
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We are super excited to share our top 5 wedding DIY tips!

It's nearly four years (!) since Plewsy pulled together her Papakata teepee wedding, creating a lot of the decorations, stationery and signage herself - leaving more pennies in the pot for tasty food and wine.

Our first wedding show of 2018 is just around the corner { view our stationery collections at the Brides Up North Secret Garden Party, Middleton Lodge } so we thought this is the perfect time to share our top 5 wedding DIY tips.

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1. Buy a sketchbook/notebook to jot down initial ideas
Note lots and lots of ideas and little sketches over as many pages as you like. A week or so later re-read through to see which ideas you really think fit with your wedding plans.

2. Start early
Once you have a clear idea of which bits and bobs you want to DIY, make sure that you allow plenty of time for each task. There's nothing worse than running out of time or having to compromise the quality of the finish when you realise you've only got a week to go until the big day!

3. Be realistic - make things achievable
Don't plan to sew 100m of double sided bunting if you've not used a sewing machine for ten years or hand screen print 100 napkins if you it's going to cost you a fair old whack in screen printing equipment! Think about the logistics of the ideas you want to achieve and how you can do them in a simplistic but effective way. Why not head to a car boot sale and find an array of photo frames, then spray paint them to freshen up the style!

4. Do your research
We always think the more time you spend researching and discovering background info, the higher the quality of the outcome! There are so so many 'how to..' or 'top tips' posts, (just like this one!) that can help you pull together a clear idea of how to bake a lovely lovely cake or make some simple floral centre pieces.

5. Enjoy it!
This is by far the most important tip! You must must must ENJOY IT! If you don't then why are you doing it? A wedding is a celebration and should not create a stressed bride or any little family feuds!


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